Hani Masgidi

Internet Marketing and Customer Experience Expert, Founder of Info Media Consultancy , Author & Public Speaker



About Hani Masgidi

Hani Masgidi is a professional public speaker and entrepreneur with 20+  years of extensive experience with  Business operations, Strategy, Development, Customer experience management , Sales & Marketing, Social, Digital Media Marketing and Team Management.

As a public speaker Hani was the 1st awarded Customer Happiness Professional in the Middle East 2018. Hani specializes in multicultural marketing, understanding your customer and setting up a system in targeting them effectively. Hani has a proven ability to understand and connect with customers of different personalities and cultures in the market which is becoming more important than ever.


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Online Growth

Business and Entrepeneurism

"Hani Masgidi is a seasoned marketing expert with whom I have had frequent, positive business transactions over the last few years. He most recently provided INSIGHTS with a comprehensive Google My Business marketing strategy that has yielded immediate impact and leads in terms of relevant content, SEO and a social media presence on Google Maps. Hani, with his cheery disposition, is a pleasure to work with and a true professional when it comes to customisation to our needs and a fast turn-around."


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