Renowned Global Health Coach, Pharmacologist, certified in Integrative Nutrition, Educator and International speaker.

About Kiru Kishokumar

She started her career as a biomedical researcher, and now travels around the world teaching and empowering men and women to take control of their health and break through any barriers holding them back, in living their dream lives. 

As a certified integrative nutrition health coach, she looks at all aspects of a person’s health both physical and mental including nutrition, wellness, career, relationship, mind-set. All her approaches are through science based tools including unique fasting methods, gut repair, diet plans, effective habits modification, and meditation which had helped many of her clients to reboot their health, lose weight, curb sugar addiction, stop procrastination, have positive thinking, shift mind from fear to gratitude, achieve their goals, and transform their lives. Her unique approach has led her to work with multiple corporates, top CEO’s, working mothers and many others worldwide.

Kiru’ believes we all deserve vibrant health and happiness, and we can get there using “Food: As the new economy medicine”. Driven by her passion for healthy food, the skills and knowledge gained by being in the food industry over a decade, she is an expert in creating healthy and Yummy recipes, in a simplified way, that can be easily followed by anyone and improve their health by using Food as medicine.

No matter where you are with your health, as a successful result oriented coach, Kiru helps you feel your best through one-on-one coaching, corporate training, and online coaching programmes by providing the tools and step by step methods to take control of your health.

Kiru Kishokumar

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Mind, Body & Soul

Law Of Attraction

"I have worked with Kiru for some years now. She is an avid Health Coach, and is an expert in her field. I follow her online because she has a relevant message, and her posts provide practical, easy tips for busy executives. Kiru is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend her."

Cherie Eilertsen
Global Speaker/Master Coach

"As a businessman, I travel a lot, and it was quite a challenge for me to manage my lifestyle, and food habits. When I met Kiru, my amazing health coach, she guided me to lead a healthier lifestyle and develop clean eating habits, exercising and also have positive attitudes with right mind-set. I am grateful for her coaching."

Samuel Bershay
CEO at Business Box, Dubai

"Every session I took with Kiru, was a break through moment for me because she made me realize that health is not just diet plans but more about the science, the nutritional value and quality of food, along with your general habits and mind-set. I was able to rewire myself, eat better and to be proud about it. I have not only lost nearly 11kg but also have great energy and mental clarity."

Mikail Atiyeh

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