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Sebastian Bates is the Co-Founder of Shield, Founder of The Warrior Academy and Co-Founder of the Global Anti Bullying organisation “Not A Victim”. Sebastian is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Best Selling Author and host of the the No 1 podcast for Business and Entrepreneurs “Round pegs Square holes” and No 3 podcast for Education “The Warrior Academy Podcast”.

Sebastian specialises in mentoring entrepreneurs to leave their comfort zone, pivot online rapidly, leverage their time and amplify their personal brand.

With a strong background in martial arts Sebastian launched a Martial Arts club in 2011 and within 8 years it became a 7 figure, global organisation with 5,000 training, voted top 5 in the UK. By 2020 Sebastian was living in Dubai as the Personal train- er to the Royal Family and had launched a Global Anti Bullying campaign “Not A Victim”, which is regularly featured in the national press/radio.


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"Sebastian’s ability to implement with speed is extraordi- nary. Him and his team have been a real asset to freeing up my time and at the same time growing my personal brand"

JP De Villiers
International Speaker and Best-Selling

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