Dr. Viana Hassan

Tourism Management and Cultural  Ph.D.
"Education is Passion, Tourism is Life!"

About Dr. Viana Hassan

Dr. Viana Hassan is actively involved in academic and research work in Tourism & Cultural Management in Lebanon and Malta. She got her Ph.D. in Tourism Management and Cultural from Saint Joseph University, Beirut. Her Thesis was entitled "Medical Tourism in Lebanon".

She is Lecturer at Lebanese University Faculty of tourism and Visiting Lecturer at University of Malta. She has more than 17 years of tourism experience in many related Travel and Tourism Fields, varying from airline sales experience (MEA), to Co-management several Lebanese Travel agencies. She is an Experienced Lecturer with more than 13 years’ experience at several universities in Lebanon (Lebanese University, A.U.L, Lebanese International University, Islamic University) and the Institute of Tourism Studies, Malta, with a demonstrated history of working in the Higher education industry, Skilled in Tourism Management, Customer service, Branding, Event Management, Airline Business Management and Medical Tourism.

Dr. Viana has participated in international conferences in multiple countries, including Athens, Paris, Vienna, Dubai, Beirut, Valencia, and has published papers in peer review journals.

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Mind, Body & Soul

Can Modern Medical Tourism Be a New Niche Market?

This free webinar explain the niche market that help tourism industry the different type of niche tourism focusing on the medical tourism , development of medical tourism , process etc... And how can the new modern medical tourism be a new niche tourism especially during and after COVID-19


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"Dr. Viana is an excellent instructor. Her methods of teaching and explaining things are well thought out and given at a level that the students can understand. Moreover, I had the chance to attend her webinar about medical tourism and really enjoyed her presentation, the knowledge she conveyed to the attendees and the way she engages them in the topic being discussed. Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Hassan as a speaker as she is one of the best speakers in the tourism sector."

Bader Fayad
Master’s Degree Student at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management

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