Stay Ready Then You Never Have to Get Ready

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2020

This has come to be one of my most significant life mantras.

Do you ever feel like you are living life in overwhelm, leaving everything to the last minute then scrambling under pressure to get prepared?

Are you always in reaction mode with little time to prioritise the things that keep you feeling strong mentally and physically. I certainly used to be like this. 

If this global pandemic has taught me anything it’s that having positive habits and rituals can help see you through any crisis. When working on your mental and physical fitness is a part of your daily life you can feel ready and steady even in the midst of storms. Remaining centred helps us make decisions from an empowered space and this has never been more important than now while we go through these significant global shifts. 

Since embracing an action lead lifestyle comprising daily growth rituals I have no need for a last minute shift in behaviour. Nourishing daily practises have become habitual so I...

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The Importance of Finding Your Tribe

The importance of finding your tribe should not be underestimated. At the base of our being, we as humans all require connection and support to thrive and grow. Going at life alone never served anyone and that’s why having a tribe of like minded souls in both the physical and digital space is so important. Wherever we show up in life whether online or in our communities we want to feel we can be exactly who we are, and can freely ask for help and support.

Since time began the human race has had an intrinsic desire for tribalism. That loyalty and camaraderie we find in the people we choose to surround ourselves with is important on a very primal level and not only determines who we are as individuals, but how we view and treat the world around us.

At a core level community and connection fulfils our deepest human need and desires. Our tribal ancestors knew the importance of this and much of their survival depended on the strong bonds they had with the people around them. Unlike...

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