Dr. Hanan Selim

Transformational speaker, author and founder of the Healology Wellness Psychology



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Dr. Hanan is ranked as one of the world’s most influential thought leaders in healthcare and wellness culture by Global Gurus. As a Transformational Keynote International Speaker, award winning author and founder of the Healology Wellness Psychology, Dr. Hanan’s chronic bio-disruption research and mind-brain-organ connection methodologies have influenced the wellness, future of healthcare and natural prescription industry through her unique neuroscience and wellness psychological and physical approaches to chronic conditions and performance transformation.

Her innovative tools, assessments, and “prescriptions” have a visible ROI on health and performance conversion, abundance, productivity and effective habit modification.

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Mind, Body & Soul

"I am who I am today thanks to Dr. Hanan’s guidance! Thank you for allowing me to see me for who I truly am. I am ME and now I'm spreading my light of love, happiness and success!"

Dr. Hanadie Basil, United Arab Emirates

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