Rania Younes

Senior Radio Presenter, Motivational Speaker & Media Personality, Expert Public Speaker

About Rania

Rania is a multi-lingual certified Life Coach specialized in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) with a lifelong career as a Public Speaker, Show Presenter and Program Producer. Throughout her TV and Radio career she has interviewed celebrities, presidents, ministers and many more hosting them on her own show with a national and global reach to millions of listeners and viewers. 

A media and international brand Ambassador, Rania has succeeded in building her personal brand as a life coach icon, sharing the stage with other motivational superstars, such as Lisa Nicholls and Les Brown. With immense passion and vast practical knowledge, Rania delivers her messages through courses on public speaking, mastering self-appreciation, storytelling and more. Her successful live events and online programmes, such as 'Allow Your Heart To Smile', help people to realise they hold the power to reaching their dreams.

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"Rania is inspirational, motivational and so natural "

Salam Elshemmeri

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